Photograph of two men flying a drone around wind turbines in Oregon


Fly View Aerial specializes in UAV/UAS aerial video and photography in the Pacific Northwest. While based in Portland, Oregon, our team travels across the United States and internationally. We are fully insured and Part 107 Certified. Innovative and impressive advancements in drone technology have made it possible to create shots never before possible. Drones provide a unique perspective because their reach is greater than that of the longest jib, and they can get lower and closer than a full size helicopter. With our dual operator rigs, our dynamic aerial shots will add production value to your project. We offer complete video production for advertising, commercial, and corporate clients. Our aerial platforms carry popular systems including RED Cameras, the Panasonic GH5, and Sony, Canon and Nikon DSLRs. We represent creative professionals located in the Pacific Northwest who strive to bring you unparalleled products and imagery in the creative and corporate industries. Whether you are looking for custom aerial or ground footage, seeking rental equipment, or are in need of a Producer, Director or DP, Fly View Aerial is ready to meet your production needs and help you see your vision come to life.

While Fly View Aerial serves specific client needs, our sister company, Fly View Productions Inc, produces stock photo and video solutions royalty free that are available for licensing worldwide 

Sub-contractors and Interns

Fly View Aerial has opportunities for sub-contractors and interns. We welcome you to send us your resume, tell us about yourself, and share what role you believe best suits you.

Aerial photograph of a boat gliding through the ocean next a tanker